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Dublin PBSA Still Requires Use of Short-term Lets

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Student accommodation in Dublin continues to rely on the use of short-term lets, raising questions over whether demand is strong enough to sustain the number of new PBSA built in the last few years.

GSA was granted planning permission last year to convert at least four schemes in the city to year-round short-term lets, with at least a further six in the city having been granted similar permission.

The schemes that GSA got permission to provide short-term lets are only able to provide the accommodation to non-students until the end of May 2021 and a spokesperson for Dublin City Council has suggested it is unlikely such permissions will be extended once college life returns to normal.

At Point Campus is another residence that has benefited from being able to provide short-term lets having been permitted to do so since 2018.

The council has indicated that allowing the use of this type of high-quality accommodation as short-term lets for non-students is reasonable, albeit to safeguard student use the permissions are granted temporarily.

The big question remains as to whether international demand will be high enough going forward to support newly built PBSA, or whether non-student use will need to be granted on a more permanent basis to ensure the long-term viability of the developments.

Lorcan Sirr, a housing lecturer at TU Dublin argues that the level of potential demand in Dublin was hyped from the start, with most Irish students usually staying in much cheaper shared houses in the suburbs.