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International Students Willing to Quarantine

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Research undertaken by IDP Connect indicates that 57% of students bound for the UK were already vaccinated, with 31% suggesting they intend to get inoculated as soon as they can.

Although there are suggestions from the government that a vaccine passport may be required to attend lectures from September, it is currently not a prerequisite to start studies in the UK.

However, the research shows that international students are willing to do what they can to study on campus this year.

IDP surveyed more than 4,000 current or future students in major English language destinations from over 20 countries, with 86% of respondents expecting to study as planned in the UK. Unsurprisingly, less than half (49%) of UK-bound students said they would continue with their study plans, if courses start online, as long as they can transition to in-person classes at a later stage.

With regards to quarantines, 89% were willing to do so on arrival but only 24% were prepared to pay the full cost. 28% of those surveyed indicated they would prefer to quarantine in a government hotel, whilst 50% preferred university-run accommodation.

Commenting on the results, Simon Emmett, CEO at IDP Connect, said: "The UK and Canada have both recently clarified their policies regarding vaccines, confirming that they will be available to students on arrival and these latest findings show that this is welcomed by students, and factored into their decisions on preferred destinations."

However, institutions and governments will need to continue to communicate clearly and effectively as to how students can arrive and how they will be taught upon arrival.