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Bristol Students Could be Sent to Bath

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Students have expressed their frustration at the University of Bristol for suggesting up to 300 students could be given accommodation in Bath.

The university cited teacher-assessed grades for creating an unprecedented situation, with 75% of applicants meeting the terms of their offer, up from a pre-Covid average of around 46%.

The university denied that its expansion was to blame, although its student population has grown rapidly over the last 10 years.

Last year the University of Bristol faced criticism for offering student accommodation in Wales, and overcrowding in libraries led to students being offered places to study at the SS Great Britain.

The university is also offering a small number of courses and students a financial incentive to defer by a year, including a £7,000 rent reduction, plus a bursary worth £3,600.

Students that are allocated accommodation outside the city will receive a travel expense bursary of £500 per term, as well as access to pastoral support.