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High Build Costs Restrict Accommodation Options

Posted by Richard Ward

Image courtesy of Flickr, (View licence)

High build costs have poured cold water over plans by Dublin City University to build affordable accommodation for 1,240 students at its Glasnevin campus.

The university had planning and finance in place, but construction never got underway.

According to DCU president Daire Keogh it would have almost doubled its on-campus accommodation. However, with construction costs resulting in a cost of between EUR140,000-150,000 per bed, the institution would have been forced to charge around EUR15,000 per year.

This compares to its other on-campus accommodation which costs EUR5,500 per year.

According to higher education sources, a combination of construction costs and red tape linked to residential tenancies means it is now too risky to take on major accommodation projects.

DCU has indicated it is receiving at least four applications for every bed it has, whilst Trinity College Dublin has amassed the longest waiting list for its student accommodation in Darty in its history.

The lack of accommodation options is likely to force some students to adopt long-distance commutes. Longer-term, there are also concerns that failure to provide affordable options will risk widening the class gap.