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Scottish Students Scrambling for Accommodation

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

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NUS Scotland has warned that unprecedented demand has led some students struggling to find accommodation.

There have been reports that some landlords are asking for six months' rent upfront, whilst others are holding out to make a profit from increased demand due to COP26.

Others have also found themselves priced out, being forced to rent in more affordable locations further away from university.

Commenting on the reports, NUS Scotland president Matt Crilly said he was deeply concerned and has written to the Scottish government to highlight the issues.

He added: "For many students, particularly those studying in the central belt of Scotland, there is currently a lack of safe and affordable accommodation."

"With purpose-built student accommodation full, shortages in the private rented sector, and landlords holding off to make a profit from COP26, I am concerned we have a student housing emergency."

"It is completely unacceptable that any student would be experiencing homelessness and left without accommodation when classes have already started."

"However, this issue is not unique to the current academic year. Scotland has been dragging its heels on providing adequate and affordable accommodation for students for years, which is why we see large areas with substandard housing dominated by intimidating landlords."