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Dublin Council CEO Faces Criticism

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Dublin City Council Office Facing Criticism Following CEO's Comments

Dublin City Council CEO has come under pressure after making sarcastic comments about student accommodation.

UCD Students Union (UCDSU) President wrote to Mr Keegan insisting that more beds were needed for students and that the recent decision to allow PBSA to be let to non-students simply boosted the profits of private operators.

In response, the CEO criticised the union for failing to lodge an objection to the change of use in time and noted Dublin City Council did not need to undertake extensive stakeholder engagement before making planning decisions.

He added: "If you believe that excess profits are being made in the PBSA market, I am surprised the student's union has not entered the market itself and provided lower-cost student accommodation for its members."

Mr Keegan's comments were dubbed snide, dismissive and not worthy of someone who heads up a planning authority from a Labour spokesperson.