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Talks for HMO Licensing Changes in Leicester Underway

Posted by Calum Martin in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

The proposed changes put forward by the council are to extend the area in the city for which the Article 4 controls are currently in place.

Under current regulations, the "Article 4 Direction" requires planning permission to change the use of any homes in the boundary to an HMO.

These requirements were set out on 20 August 2014. Any properties that were being used as shared housing before this legislation came into effect were allowed to continue operating as an HMO.

For homes affected by Article 4, planning permission is required to rent out the property to between 3 and 6 people. According to the Leicester City Council, such planning applications are generally refused.

Mayor of Leicester City Peter Soulsby has stated: "Over the past seven years, areas of concentration have expanded, with higher numbers of HMOs appearing beyond the original areas.
"It is therefore important that this legislation is available to us to prevent unrestricted numbers of HMOs from appearing elsewhere in the city."

The consultation, which started on the 18th November, runs until 13th January. If approved, the extended Article 4 Direction would be put into place 12 months later.