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Student Accommodation Scheme Delayed in Cambridge

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The construction of 245 new student flats in Cambridge has been pushed back after concerns were raised over who will be occupying the rooms.

A bid for the development, which will consist of 39 townhouses, was submitted to Cambridge City Council by St John's College.

The Grange Lane development, south of Wilberforce Road, is intended to be used by the university academic staff as well as its students.

In a statement submitted during the planning application, the college has highlighted there is increasing demand for accommodation amongst students, staff and Fellows.

Councillors have recommended a condition that will allocate 120 rooms to students only.

Councillor Katie Porrer stated she did not feel the application should be considered under student accommodation policy, adding that the application frustrated her as, in principle, she did not object to the plans.

Council officers highlighted conditions that would limit the maximum amount of time anyone could stay in the accommodation to a maximum of three years.

Councillor Katie Thornburrow highlighted that term time was only 24 weeks of the year and questioned the use of the accommodation over the rest of the year.

Due to the questions raised, Councillor Thornburrow suggested that a decision on the application should be deferred. This was to ensure more information could be provided as to how the accommodation would be used outside of term time.