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Dundee Revealed as the Cheapest City for Students

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Analysis compiled by the international education provider Oxford Royale, has revealed that the University of Dundee is the cheapest place to be a student in the UK.

The report takes into consideration the average price of student accommodation as well as the price for a pint of beer, cocktail, fast-food meal and a taxi fare.

Using data from Expatistan, a cost of living calculator, the analysis looked at the cities that are homes to the top 40 universities according to the Complete University Guide.

The University of Dundee was revealed as the cheapest location for students to live, with an average weekly spend of £157. The city of Dundee offers the third-cheapest student accommodation at £106 per week and has the cheapest taxi fare at £10.

Newcastle, Northumbria and the University of Aberdeenwith were joint second in the analysis, with average spend totalling £161 per week.

On the other end of the spectrum, it comes to no surprise that London topped the list, with an estimated total weekly spend of £302. The average weekly rent in London for a student in a shared flat is £211, while the average cost of a five-mile taxi journey is £26.

William Humphreys, CEO & Founder, Oxford Royale Academy said: "There is no doubt that students are always looking to save money living on a budget so it's great to see that there are many areas in the UK where people at university can have a good time without breaking the bank.

"With rising student costs nationwide, it's more important than ever for students to know how to manage their money and this list can offer some guidance and insight into where their loan will stretch further."

Details of the cheapest 10 cities as concluded by the analysis can be found below:

University Beer Cocktails Fast food Taxi Rent Weekly Total
1. University of Dundee £9.24 £21.00 £10.54 £10.00 £106 £157
2= Newcastle University £13.26 £24.00 £11.88 £11.00 £101 £161
2= Northumbria University £13.26 £24.00 £11.88 £11.00 £101 £161
2= University of Aberdeen £11.58 £24.00 £10.86 £15.00 £100 £161
5. University of Liverpool £13.44 £24.00 £11.88 £12.00 £109 £170
6. University of Lincoln £11.97 £24.00 £10.04 £16.00 £113 £175
7. University of Leicester £9.09 £30.00 £11.84 £11.00 £114 £176
8. University of Sheffield £11.34 £21.00 £10.10 £15.00 £122 £179
9= University of Birmingham £12.72 £24.00 £11.84 £13.00 £118 £180
9= Aston University (Birmingham) £12.72 £24.00 £11.84 £13.00 £118 £180