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CIA Insurance Reveals best UK Cities for Landlords

Posted by Calum Martin

Image courtesy of Flickr, (View licence)

CIA Insurance has conducted research on the 164 higher education institutions in the UK, revealing the most profitable cities for student landlords.

The research conducted factors on several metrics including student population, the number of households per city and the average rent in student areas.

Unsurprisingly the city with the highest estimated yearly rental market for student landlords was revealed as London, with a calculated rental market of £2,661,110,735 per annum.

Outside of London, Belfast was named the city with the most potential profit for student landlords.

The population of Belfast is made up of 22.1% students and so, despite the relatively modest average rent per calendar month (£832.40), the market in Belfast brings in approximately £1,766,103,096 every year.

Also ranked highly in the research conducted were the popular student cities Durham, Edinburgh and Manchester, with average rental markets of £771,746,489, £568,428,420 and £547,079,641 respectively.

On the other end of the scale, the smaller student markets in cities such as Reading, Derby and Luton may suggest student landlords may struggle more in these areas.