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More Complaints in Beeston Over Student Accommodation

Posted by Calum Martin in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Another housing application in Beeston has sparked concerns for the town, as local residents claim the area is becoming a 'Student Village'.

During a recent planning meeting, Broxtowe Borough Council rejected plans to convert six garages and existing apartments to create two homes.

The application, for two four-bedroom houses of multiple occupancy (HMO), did not state whether they would be used as student accommodation or not.

A number of neighbours in the area submitted objections to the council, citing issues with traffic and parking in the area, as well as the number of HMOs already present.

The growing student population in Beeston has raised concerns amongst councillors and local residents in recent years which, as a result, led to the implementation of an 'Article 4 Direction' in the area. Introduced in March, this now means planning permission is required to change the use of a house from a house to an HMO for four or more people.

Claiming that Beeston was becoming a 'student village', Councillor Philip Owen (Con) commented: "I know people say that's a good thing but these properties have been built for Broxtowe residents, not students.

"I am getting very concerned about the spread of student accommodation, never in my view to the benefit of local communities.

"I do not approve of converting garage space into living accommodation where there is clearly an inadequate provision of parking already, and this will make matters worse.

"We should try to dig our heels in and say enough is enough.

"It is time we reclaimed Beeston for family living."

Also commenting on the matter, Councillor Greg Marshall (Lab) said that whilst he did not support the application he did not "want the impression to be gained that students aren't welcome in Beeston".

"In my view, they are a vibrant part of the community."

Ward councillor for the area, Patrick Lally (Lab), stated approving the application would be a "backwards step".

"Henry Road is an absolute nightmare. You go down there and you can't turn round at the bottom because it is so packed out".

"I urge the committee to reject this proposal. It is a step too far."

Councillor Tim Hallam (Lib Dem) commented: "Convert an office block into student flats, I haven't got a problem with it.

"I cannot support this because this is detrimental to the people I know in society who are in need. This is, in my opinion, unnecessary."

A resident of Henry Road, Justine Andrews, spoke during the council meeting, stating her main concern were over parking.

She commented: "A lot of the houses have several vehicles and we have to park half on the pavement and half off because the road is so narrow.

"We have a problem with surrounding HMOs who use Henry Road to park.

"Road use will increase the traffic with more vehicles. There was a lack of communication on this, a lot of people didn't even know this was planned."