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Manchester Students Offered £2,500 to Live Off Campus

Posted by Calum Martin

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Due to a shortfall in university halls, the University of Manchester is now offering incoming students a cash incentive of £2,500 to live off campus.

The Russell Group university has revealed they are over 350 rooms short to meet the demand in halls and additional rooms in Preston and Liverpool have been secured as a contingency.

Similar shortages were recently reported at Manchester Metropolitan University, which have offered students £100 a week to take up accommodation options in Liverpool and Huddersfield.

The unprecedented increase in demand has been in part attributed to the exceptional circumstances caused by the pandemic.

In a message written on their StaffNet forum, the University of Manchester stated: "We have admitted more students over the last three years, linked in particular to the exceptional circumstances around A Level results during the pandemic and the increase in students achieving the highest marks. This has created a knock-on impact into our own student accommodation, which is oversubscribed this year.

"In planning for this year our accommodation team, who are incredibly experienced, had already leased additional rooms in Manchester and factored in the potential for some over recruitment. However, the unplanned growth in student numbers across the institutions in the city has led to an unprecedented increase in demand for, and acceptances, in our own accommodation."

Many institutions in the UK are also reporting the same student demand for accommodation, including Bristol and Glasgow.