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Approval Granted for PBSA Near Paisley Museum

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Planning permission has been granted to a new purpose-built student accommodation scheme (PBSA) in Paisley, near the town's museum.

The development will see the former pool hall 'Leisureland' knocked down and replaced by a six to seven-storey building comprising 150 studios.

The site is adjacent to the University of the West of Scotland students' union, on the corner of High Street and Storie Street.

Paisley East and Central councillor, John McNaughtan, said: "I visit this site regularly, almost on a daily basis, and have given it some careful consideration. I'm inclined to move for refusal on this application.

"I have no problem with the proposal in principle. I think it's a good reuse for a not very attractive site. My concern is about the impact in the conservation area, in particular because of the scale of the proposal.

"I think the building is just too big."

Paisley Southeast representative, Bruce MacFarlane, commented: "People from Paisley will have fond memories of Leisure Land when it used to be for pool and snooker. It's not the way it was.

"With the application before us, while I accept that we've got to enhance conservation areas, it cannot be ignored that the current building, especially at the back, is nothing more than an eyesore.

"It doesn't enhance the current conservation area as is."

Councillor MacFarlane moved for the application to be approved, adding: "I get the point that it might be too tall but we've got to deal with the application in front of us, not the application we wish we had in front of us."

The application was granted after 10 councillors voted in favour with just four voting against the proposals.