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Cost of Living Induced Housing Crisis in Portsmouth

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The Portsmouth and District Private Landlords' Association say Portsmouth University is facing a housing crisis, due to the rising cost of living crisis.

The association said it 'would not be surprised' to see students sleeping on camp beds in sports halls by September.

This has been disputed by the University of Portsmouth, which claims to guarantee a place in halls of residence for all new starters.

According to the association, a combination of expensive student halls and private landlords exiting the marketplace are the trends causing the crisis. New licensing rules and updated amenity standards mean some landlords have been forced to take properties off of the student market.

Vice-chairman of the Landlords' Association, Alwin Oliver, commented: "I am seeing a high number of family applicants (MSc overseas students) looking for accommodation anywhere in Portsmouth. Others are asking for a room near the university and a number looking for rooms for couples.

"It is very clear that the university have not thought through the accommodation aspect of their student recruitment policy."

A spokesperson from the university has disputed these claims, stating there was no evidence to support the 'crisis'.

"The university is committed to ensuring a safe and affordable living space for all our students. We provide a dedicated housing support team to help students find a home in purpose-built accommodation, a flat, house or lodgings, and provide help with contracts, landlords and letting agents."

Cabinet member for housing, Darren Sanders, commented on the extended licensing rules he approved last year, stating they would have a minimal financial impact and were targeted at 'bad' landlords.

"To say this is going to drive students onto the streets when there have been years of Tory tax changes that have had a real impact on landlords is wrong".

He continued: "We agreed to extend licensing of HMOs as we found they were three times more likely to have serious faults."

"HMOs are an important part of housing in the city and we work closely with landlords."