IFS Says Wiping off Student Could be Cheaper Than Government Suggests

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Analysis by the Institute for Fiscal for Fiscal Studies has suggested writing student loans could cost as little as £10bn.

Conservatives Considering a Reduction in Tuition Fee Cap

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Reports have emerged suggesting Chancellor Philip Hammond is looking to cap annual charges for tuition fees at £7,500 instead of the current level of £9,250.

Heads Urge Government to Confirm Fees for 2018

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Head teachers have stressed that prospective university students in England should be told as soon as possible how much tuition fees will cost in 2018.

Amendments to Penryn Masterplan Could Lead to More Student Housing

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Penryn's planning committee is looking into changes to Cornwall Council's allocations development plan document (DPD), its masterplan for building across the county up to 2030.

New Proposals May Limit the Number of Students Renting Privately in Oxford

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Fewer students could be allowed to live in private rented accommodation in Oxford, under new plans put forward by the city council.

New Data Casts Serious Doubt on Official Immigration Statistics

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Net migration has declined to its lowest level for three years after a surge in the number of EU nationals leaving the UK since Britain took the decision to leave the European Union.

Former Conservative Chief of Staff Describes Tuition Fees As a Ponzi Scheme

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Theresa May's former chief of staff has described the current university fee system as a "unsustainable Ponzi scheme", which is in need of radical reform.

Government Confirms It Will Hike Interest Rates on Student Loans

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The government has reinforced its stance on charging interest rates on student loans in England of 6.1% from autumn this year.

Report Casts Doubt on International Student Migration

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The government's own statistics watchdog has warned that estimates of the number of international students remaining in the UK are potentially misleading and should be treated with caution.

Jeremy Corbyn Backtracks Over Plans to Wipe Student Debt

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Jeremey Corbyn has insisted Labour did not promise to wipe graduates' student debt during the general election campaign, after he was accused of misleading students by a Conservative MP.