Jeremy Corbyn Backtracks Over Plans to Wipe Student Debt

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Jeremey Corbyn has insisted Labour did not promise to wipe graduates' student debt during the general election campaign, after he was accused of misleading students by a Conservative MP.

Troubling times for Scottish HMOs

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Scotland's Private Housing Act swings the balance of power in favour of PBSAs as restrictions to fixed-term tenancy agreements hit the HMO sector

Jo Johnson Proposes Student-university Contracts

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University Minister Jo Johnson, has indicated that students are to have formal contracts with universities so they can challenge them over too few teaching hours or if facilities on offer are inadequate.

Card Surcharges to be Banned

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One month after it was announced in the Queen's Speech that a ban on agent and letting fees will come into force, more misery is being piled onto letting agents with news that card surcharges charged to consumers will be banned in 2018.

The Russel Group Urges for a Reassessment on Student Loan Interest Rates

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The Russell Group, which represents the UK's most prestigious universities, has urged the Government to reassess the interest rate it is charging on student loans.

Residents in Swansea Call for a Limit on HMOs

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The decision by Swansea's council to consider a 15% limit on the number of houses of multiple occupation (HMOs) for Uplands and Brynmill may result in more houses being converted whilst the new policy is considered by authorities.

Durham Residents Brand New Rules Meaningless

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Concerns have been raised by residents that rules bought in to halt the spread of student housing in Durham are not working as intended.

Students Hail Rent Strike Victory

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Students campaigning against the increasing cost of rent have claimed a major win after a five-month rent strike resulted in a deal being struck with University College London.

Tuition Fee Relief for Teachers to Be Scrapped?

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Head teachers in England have raised concerns that a government pledge to provide university tuition fee relief for teachers may be scrapped.

Academics Accuse Government of Reneging on Its Promise to Fund Student Nurse Placements

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Universities have sent a warning to government over its decision to renege on plans to provide 10,000 new nursing degree places, which they argue is short-sighted and risks leaving the profession without a reliable recruitment plan.