Manchester Students Launch Petition to House Rough Sleepers

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Hundreds of students have appealed to Manchester University to allow the homeless to occupy vacant rooms in Owens Park in Fallowfield.

Bath University’s vice-chancellor Steps Down Amid Pay Controversy

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The vice-chancellor of Bath University is stepping down amid criticism of her pay package worth £468,000.

Cambridge Students Demand the University Comes Clean Over Its Investments

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Cambridge students have marched in protest of the University's investment schemes.

StuRents Survey Shows That a Majority of Students Think That Booking Fees Are 'Fair'

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As parliament looks to enforce a blanket ban on letting agent fees, a new survey by StuRents shows that a majority of students believe that being charged a booking fee on their accommodation is actually 'fair'.

The Student Loans Company Fire Their Chief Executive

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The Student Loans Company has fired its chief executive Steve Lamey, after a long-running investigation into his conduct.

The Government Introduces Its Draft Tenant Fees Bill to Parliament

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The Government has introduced its draft tenant fee bill to Parliament as it looks to end upfront charges to tenants.

Report Urges Ministers to Scrap Tuition Fee Loan Interest

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A centre-right think tank has proposed interest on student loans should be scrapped and the time to pay back outstanding debt be increased.

The University of Leicester Reveals Its £500 million Campus Masterplan

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The University of Leicester will invest £500 million as it looks to transform its campus and improve facilities.

Fee Change Will Save Students More than £15k

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A study by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, suggests raising the earnings threshold for repaying tuition fees in England could save students up to £15,700.

Crimestoppers Campaign Launched in Loughborough Student Area

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A crime prevention campaign has been launched in a popular student area of Loughborough, after the region reported a 100% increase in burglaries in two years.