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Student Accommodation in Keele

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    Keele student housing news

    Student Accommodation in Keele

    Keele is a small village in northern Staffordshire, nestled in some great English countryside.

    University of Keele

    The university of Keele is located in the heart of the country in Staffordshire. Set on 620 acres of land, it surrounds the village with the majority of the campus located to the east. It occupies a science park and a conference centre making it the largest main campus in the country. There is a second smaller campus at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire that is home to both research and teaching and there are local buses that operate every 15 minutes between the town and both sites. The university hosts a large international community with students from over 160 countries. With more than 50 partner universities worldwide Keele University ensures that students have the opportunity to study abroad.

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