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Automate the entire rental cycle seamlessly

Sign contracts, reference tenants and maintain your property portfolio all in one place.

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Compare plans for Operations

Plans are based on the number of bed spaces in your account and grow as your demand increases.

Operations plans are annual commitments billed monthly.

Compare plans

Plans are based on the number of bed spaces in your account and grow as your demand increases.

Operations plans are annual commitments billed monthly.

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Seamless contract signing and payment collection.

Manage the full letting process for a portfolio of properties.

Integrated property management software for industry-leading operators.




per bed space/month*

per bed space/month*

min £130pcm

min £400pcm

* Prices exclude VAT

Contract signing

Best-in-class electronic tenancy signing

Create, send and have custom documents signed such as agency agreements, without the need for a separate document signing subscription.


Increase your brand awareness with custom branded contracts, landing pages, user web portals, and communications.




Custom domains

Enhance brand value by hosting your branded tenancy experience on custom domains.




Automated reminders

Save time chasing signees with automated reminders.

Housing Hand integration

Allow prospective tenants to use Housing Hand as their guarantor when signing their tenancy.

Deposit protection

Secure integration allows you to create, send out, and sign deposit protection certificates powered by mydeposits.

Integrated payment collections

Collect deposit and rent payments through the platform. Custom rent collections can be collected via Direct Debit or manual payments. We use Open Banking and support all major Credit or Debit cards.

Book Now (Instant bookings)

Allow prospective tenants to book your property directly from the property listing by selecting one of the availabilities you offer.


Manage inbound viewing requests

Set up available viewing slots; view, reschedule or cancel viewings; add them to your calendar & add notes.

Manually create viewings

Specify dates and times for viewings to suit your schedule.

Viewings plug-in for property manager website

Powered by the StuRents listings real-time API.

Tenancy management

Occupancy manager

See a calendar view of the occupancy across all your properties. You can take rooms offline should you wish to stop taking bookings and also administer block allocations.

Tenant web portal

Tenants can access their tenancy contract, any files you’ve linked to with tenancy, rent collection schedules, and much more.




Owners web portal

Allow owners of properties you manage on their behalf to log in and access current, past and future tenancies, any documents linked to their properties, and statements of account.




Property maintenance system

Manage property maintenance in one place with a clear audit trail of communication between you and your tenants. Allocate jobs to contractors and allow them to access the maintenance platform to view all details about the job, provide quotes, completion evidence, and invoices for works carried out.

Contact centre

Manage all your contacts in one place from Prospective tenants, Tenants, Guarantors to Owners.

Tenant app

Allow your tenants to download the StuRents Tenancy app where they can submit maintenance tickets, view upcoming and past rent collections, documents relating to their tenancy, and much more.


Post events to your community of tenants allowing them to reserve their place.

News feed

Connect your tenant community with the in-app News Feed and inform all of your tenants with broadcast posts.

Statement of Accounts

Create statement of accounts for clear and concise income and expenditure reporting to owners.

Custom report builder

Create and export custom tenancy, payment, files and enquiry reports with a simple point & click report builder. Schedule recurring reports to File Manager or OneDrive for Business (Coming Soon).

Offline Tenancy Import

Import contracts signed offline along with rent schedules and paid rent periods. We’ll invite tenants to update their details and set up your contracts so you can manage them alongside your online ones.

File manager

File types

Upload files and mark them as a specific file type to share them with Tenants, Owners and Guarantors.




Tenant, Owner & Guarantor file sharing

Share files with any user, they’ll be able to view and download any file linked with their account.

Expiry management

Set up reminders for when your content is due to expire.


Replaces the old version of a file for all users that have access to it in a couple of clicks. With version history you'll still be able to access all previous versions and restore them if needed.

New file notifications

Notify users when a file is linked to their account via email and push notification (Push notifications require the StuRents app).

Property Management

Multiple price points

List your properties with more than one set of tenancy terms for prospective tenants to choose from to accommodate options like a shorter tenancy lengths or bills inclusive rental pricing.

360 photo hosting

Add unlimited 360 photos of your properties to give a broader perspective and show off every corner of your property.

Virtual tour support

Store virtual tour links from all major virtual tour providers for all your properties.

Channel manager

Feed your property listings out to Rightmove, On The Market and over 25 other partner websites.

On demand pricing

Comprehensive Reference

Reference tenants or their guarantors during the contract signing process. You can opt to reference any number of signees on a tenancy. Choose between Canopy and HomeLet when performing a comprehensive reference and reports will be available to download once completed. Charges are per applicant and billed at the end of the month.




Essential Reference

Perform a smart reference on tenants or their guarantors during the contract signing process, powered by Canopy. Applicants will be assessed based on rent affordability and income verification using Open Banking. Checks also assess identity and address history. Reports will be available to download once completed. Charges are per applicant and billed at the end of the month.




Credit check

Credit check tenants and/or their guarantors during the contract signing process. You can opt to credit check any number of signees on a tenancy. References are powered by HomeLet and reports will be available to download once completed. Charges are per applicant and billed at the end of the month.




Right to Rent check per tenant

Ensure you are compliant with our new Right to Rent checks that leverage government-certified Identity Document Verification Technology. Automated checks provide your tenants anywhere in the world with a quick and easy online Right to Rent verification process while ensuring checks are performed at the correct time.




MyDeposits Custodial per protection

Automatically protect tenancy deposits through the MyDeposits Custodial scheme. Deposit protection certificates will be automatically generated and sent to tenants as well as being lodged in File Manager.




Payment processing fee

Payments processed through the platform are subject to a fee based on the total transaction amount. When calculated, VAT is added to the fee.

1.00% + 35p

0.30% + 35p

0.15% + 35p

Users & collaboration

Applies across all products

Unlimited users

Add your whole team no matter how big or small.

Simultaneous users

Allow multiple users to log in at the same time.




Permission management

Manage user access to billing through to sensitive information stored in tenancy contracts.

Team chat

Align your internal team communications with one-to-one and group chats.


Applies across all products

Help centre

Access in-depth guides on system processes and features.

Support ticket response

Service-level agreement (SLA) for initial response times on support tickets.

3 business days

1 business day

1 business day

Show prices inclusive of VAT

Commonly asked questions

Will I be charged a booking fee?

No! We don’t charge booking fees. It is completely free to sign a tenancy through the platform.

Can I create a tenancy and have the owner/landlord sign it?

If you manage properties on behalf of an owner, you can sign contracts on their behalf or allow them to sign it. By adding them as the owner of the property listing, you can select who is signing when creating the tenancy.

What information do I need to sign a contract?

You just need the name, email address, and phone number of the signee(s) to create a contract. Once a contract is sent out the signee will provide the rest of their information and upload any documents you’ve asked them to provide.

Do I need to reference every tenant on a tenancy?

If you choose to use the integrated referencing, you can select which type of referencing you want to use on a tenant by tenant basis, you can also automate this at the portfolio level by setting up defaults.

What payments can be collected?

You can use the platform to automatically collect deposits, fees and rent payments. Payment collections is an On Demand feature and is charged per transaction depending on your Operations plan.

When will rent be collected from my tenants?

With our fully customised rent schedules you can set when you want to collect rent from tenants. You just set the schedule up when creating a tenancy and the platform handles the rest including follow up emails and notification of completed or failed payments.