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Independent Insights

Market-leading insights into student housing trends you won't find anywhere else.

Demographic Data

Combining behavioural data generated from the listing platform with industry-sourced data to understand changes to student demand, demographics, price sensitivity and more.

Student accommodation occupancy statistics

Understand booking velocity in your city with StuRents Occupancy Survey

Aggregated and anonymised student data

Aggregated, anonymised data

Join the +100,000 beds from industry-leading operators already participating

City-level benchmarking of student accommodation assets

Monthly city-level insights

Benchmark your asset's booking velocity against the local market

holistic market view with data from StuRents - the UK's largest student accommodation provider

Room-type specific benchmarking

Distinguish between studio and cluster accommodation performance

Become a StuRents Insider

Student Property Investor
Student Property Developer
Student Property Manager

Data-driven decision-making at your fingertips

  • Unparalleled insights into the UK’s university towns
  • Student housing trends and needs by region and city
  • Search preferences
  • Areas of need and oversupply, & much more

What do we mean when we say our data is independent?

StuRents’ Insights Team delivers truly independent, highly granular data derived from the UK’s largest student accommodation ecosystem,

Impartial insights you can count on

Our unbiased student data ensures users receive all the information they need to appraise opportunities and risks at a national and micro-location level.

Millions of data points

Leverage millions of proprietary data points generated each year from student search activity on alongside external data sources such as UCAS and HESA to gain unrivalled insight into property investment research and student housing demand distribution.

Client stories

“Whether it’s through StuRents' regular webinars, city-level reports, or their bespoke datasets, StuRents provides real value to the sector and isn’t afraid to take a contrarian viewpoint.”

Brian WelshManaging Director - Head of Student, Round Hill Capital
Round Hill Capital

Our Data services

Data portal

Subscribe to StuRents’ data portal, offering direct user-access to proprietary data covering student demand, supply, planning and more.

Appraisals/Underwriting Reports

Leverage StuRents’ unique data to receive detailed, independent analysis of schemes, locations or portfolios.

City Overview Reports

Our City Overview reports give you granular information about specific cities down to a micro-location level.

Student Need Reports

Bespoke reports that can leverage StuRents' proprietary data to support the likelihood of a successful planning decision.

Bespoke Advisory

Tailored insights to meet your specific requirements. From top-down analysis to explore the most attractive markets, to the analysis of intra-city locations.

Rent Benchmarking

Understand pricing of all HMO and PBSA segments, as well as at what price points students are searching, enquiring and booking, to help ensure your rents are fully optimised.

City Quarterly Reports

Quarterly city-level overviews, ensuring you have the latest information at your fingertips.

Annual Reports

A comprehensive overview of the UK student accommodation sector with contributions from leading industry figures.

Sample Research Reports

Download one of our sample student accommodation research reports below

FAQs about our student accommodation data insights

Does StuRents capture data on student housing occupancy?

StuRents operates the market's leading Occupancy Survey, providing city and accommodation-type level insights in a range of markets with more than 100,000 beds from industry-leading operators already participating.

What percentage of UK student housing is above the average maintenance loan?

Due to real-term inflation increasing at a greater rate than predicted, students' finances are being stretched more than ever. For the 2022-23 academic year, the average maintenance loan is estimated to be the equivalent of £137.39 per week. Approximately 30% of student beds available in England (excluding London) are priced at £140 per person per week or higher, making them unaffordable by this comparison. By accommodation type, approximately 14% of HMO beds are priced above the average maintenance loan, versus 34% of PBSA beds.

What makes StuRents' data unique?

StuRents' student property data insights leverage the unrivalled scale of's 750,000 PBSA & HMO beds listed, alongside aggregated and anonymised transaction data from the StuRents property management system. The result is market-leading insights into student housing trends that customers won't find anywhere else.

How many students are there in the UK?

As of 2020-21, there were more than 2.1m full-time students in the UK, whilst a further 550,000 students were classified as part-time. Of those full-time students, 74% were from the UK, whereas 6% were from the EU and 20% were from the rest of the world. StuRents estimates that approximately 1.2m students were living in private accommodation for the 2020-21 academic year, with the balance living either in university halls or choosing to live at home.

Which UK towns and cities do you cover?

We can provide a range of data insights in all ~100 UK towns and cities with a higher education presence and produce in-depth quarterly research reports in 46 UK & Ireland locations, such as Sheffield, Coventry, Glasgow, London and Dublin.

What is the average cost of UK student accommodation?

For the 2022-23 lettings cycle, the average cost of purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) was £183 per person per week (pppw). Meanwhile, the average cost of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) was £116pppw. However, with the demand for student accommodation increasing, the cost of student accommodation will continue to rise at a national level.

Is the UK market undersupplied?

At a national-level, there is an increasing trend towards undersupply of HMO and purpose built student accommodation in the UK, driven by a range of demand and supply factors. Critically however, every city or town with a higher education establishment has different fundamentals. Our leading data and insights help our clients understand and navigate these to make informed investment and operating decisions.

What is the current pipeline for purpose built student accommodation?

The pipeline for PBSA stands at more than 100,000 beds, with the majority of these developments put forward by private operators. Outside of London, Nottingham and Leeds have the largest pipelines, albeit numbers constantly change as new applications are submitted and approved.

Who in the market uses StuRents' student housing data?

StuRents is in its 16th year and over this period we have been fortunate to work with the majority of HMO and PBSA operators across the UK. Alongside this, prominent investors, developers and lenders rely on our data to inform their decision-making, but you don't need to take our word for it. You will find on this page a wide range of testimonials to give you a feel for our existing reach and the value we can provide you as a client.