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How to prepare your property for new tenants

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If you’re letting to students, summer offers an opportunity to get your property ready for new tenants while it might be vacant. We outline six key steps you can take to make your property as marketable and attractive to prospects as possible and make sure you are completely prepared for a new tenancy.

1. Clean the property and carry out any necessary repairs 

After tenants move out, you will need to assess the condition of the property. You’ll need to take an inventory and conduct a checkout report. Following this, you can return tenants’ deposits (excluding any deductions) and carry out any necessary cleaning and repairs to make it suitable for new tenants. 

Even if you don’t hire professional cleaners, you need to make sure that the property is thoroughly cleaned, including all appliances and fixtures. You also need to ensure that all the furniture you have provided is in good condition, the appliances work as intended, and there are no electrical or plumbing issues. 

2. Make sure you are compliant 

Before new tenants move into your property, you should make sure that all your documentation is up to date so you can remain compliant. You need to carry out a gas safety check every year on each gas appliance in the property and get a Gas Safety Certificate. You also need a new Electrical Installation Condition Report every five years and a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to rent out your property. 

You should also check the safety of the property, including making sure the fire and carbon monoxide alarms are functional and ensuring the property has proper fire extinguishers and fire doors. Summer is the perfect time to make any necessary updates to the safety features of your property.

3. Check your insurance 

Before renting to new tenants, you should review your insurance policies to make sure you are still properly covered. This will help cover the costs of maintenance, repairs, or replacements if the new tenants cause any damage to your property. 

You only need to worry about getting insurance for the building and any contents you are providing. Tenants will be responsible for organising contents insurance for their own belongings. 

4. Prepare an inventory 

It is important to record the condition of your property and any contents before new tenants move in. You should list the condition of everything in the property, including floors and walls, appliances, furniture, fixtures and decorations. Take detailed notes and take date-stamped photos. You can use this inventory again at the end of the tenancy to see if the condition of the property has changed.

5. Advertise your property 

If you are looking to attract new tenants for the next academic year, you need to make sure that your property is properly marketed and your listings are as attractive as possible. It’s a good idea to update the description of your property and take clear, updated photos. If you have made any refurbishments or changes that improve the property, this is your chance to really show them off. Be sure to add your updated compliance certificates too. For more information on how to optimise your property listings, check out our full list of suggestions

StuRents is the UK’s leading student accommodation listings platform, with over 750,000 beds listed nationwide. Listing with StuRents with help get your properties in front of prospective student tenants at the right point in the lettings cycle. 

6. Get your property management tools ready 

Managing multiple tenancies is a large task. The summer presents a good opportunity to get yourself organised and ensure that you have the right tools to make property management seamless and hassle-free. 

Concurrent is an end-to-end property management platform that supports every stage of the renter journey, from applications and contract signing, all the way throught to check-out. You have everything you need to manage multiple tenancies, with our own digital contract signing solution, Report Builder, and maintenance dashboard, as well as integrated Right to Rent and referencing checks, utility referrals, guarantor waiver services, and deposit protection. 

As Concurrent integrates with utilities providers The Student Energy Group and Bunch, Concurrent customers have the opportunity to opt into our utilities referral scheme. Tenants will be shown bundled bills packages during the contract signing flow and property managers can earn up to £75+ VAT for every tenant who signs up. Concurrent automatically remarkets the utilities bundles from your chosen supplier, The Student Energy Group or Bunch, 40 days before the tenancy start date, so you’re ready to capitalise on new potential referrals.


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