Student Accommodation in the UK

Student Accommodation in the UK

Explore UK university towns, simplify your search, and find your ideal uni home.

About student living in the UK

When it comes to deciding where to live, you'll find the largest range of student accommodation in the UK on To help you decide on which location, here's what else we think you should take into consideration

Food and Drink

The UK has an impressively diverse range of cuisines available. You’ll be able to find everything from a boozy brunch to a classic British Sunday Roast without ever straying too far from your university accommodation. With iconic spots like The Curry Mile in Manchester and Chinatown in Soho, you’ll also find plenty of global cuisine to tuck into in the UK.


When you live in accommodation for students in the UK, you’ll never be too far from a vibrant nightlife scene. Take part in your local pub quiz while enjoying a drink with friends, or hit up one of the many student clubs or bars. If live music is more your thing, many artists tour in the UK. Have a look at your local venues (or even your Students’ Union) to see who’s performing!


The UK is known for its wide selection of museums, theatres, art galleries, and music venues. No matter which university you attend, or which city you live in, you’ll be sure to find amazing cultural experiences near your university accommodation. From watching plays in the West End to soaking in student theatre, touring the Tate to enjoying local exhibitions, there truly is something for everyone.


You’ll have no problem finding somewhere to enjoy a shopping spree when you live in student accommodation in the UK. With everything from chain stores to independent boutiques and charity shops lining the high streets, you’ll be able to browse for bargains until your heart’s content. Plus, the UK has lots of affordable supermarkets where you can buy all your groceries and essentials.

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FAQ's about student accommodation

How much is student accommodation in the UK?

The cost of student accommodation in the UK will vary depending on your city and the type of property you choose to live in. It can cost anywhere between £70 per person per week for shared houses to £300 per person per week for luxury purpose-built studio apartments. Additional factors such as decor, facilities, and how many other students you’re sharing with can all influence the monthly rental cost of your student room.

How do you apply for UK student accommodation?

In your first year, you should be able to apply for student accommodation through your university directly. The majority of UK universities will keep student rooms in halls of residence available for first-year students. After the first year of study, most students will then opt to move into private student housing nearby. You can apply for this by contacting the relevant landlord, letting agent, or property manager directly. Your university housing team should also be available to assist if you run into any issues.

How do students pay for accommodation?

You should be able to cover the cost of your student housing in the UK using your maintenance loan. However, as rents continue to rise, more students are choosing to take on part-time jobs to help cover the cost of accommodation.

How do you find student accommodation in the UK?

You can find all types of student housing in the UK by using our dedicated search platform for student accommodation, You can narrow down your search by filtering by area, property type, and number of beds.

Can you stay in student accommodation over the summer?

Typically, shared student houses are rented for a fixed period of time. If you establish that your tenancy will last for a year when you sign your tenancy agreement, you’ll be able to stay in the property over summer. Many student landlords also offer short-term rentals for the summer months, when their property would otherwise be vacant.

Are bills included in the cost of student accommodation?

Many student houses are now advertised with bills included in the price. Where this is the case, your rental price could include electricity, gas, internet, TV licence and water bills and this will be clearly stated on the listing. Accommodation for students without bills included is also available, giving you the flexibility to choose your own energy and water suppliers and internet service provider.

Do I need to pay a deposit for my student accommodation?

It is normal for property managers to require you to pay a security deposit at the time of booking your student housing or before you move in. Where a deposit is required and you are signing a tenancy agreement, your property manager must protect your deposit in a legally recognised tenancy deposit scheme. As long as you look after the property and have no deductions for damage or unpaid rent, your deposit will be returned to you after your tenancy agreement ends. Whilst tenancy deposits are legally capped at five weeks' rent per person, it is more common for student deposits to be in the lower £100-250 range.

How long does a tenancy agreement last for?

Currently, the majority of student accommodation in the UK can be rented for fixed contract lengths. For purpose built student accommodation, 43 and 51-week fixed-term contracts are the most common. For shared houses, 52-week contracts are the most common and generally start in July to September.

Is student accommodation available for short-term stays?

Short-term student rentals in the UK are becoming more popular every year. As a result, property managers are increasingly offering shorter tenancy lengths, whether for the summer period or for individual semesters and terms. This is more common in the purpose-built student accommodation sector than in shared student houses.

When should you apply for student accommodation?

When you should apply for student accommodation in the UK depends heavily on the type of property you are interested in. If you want to live in a shared student house, you should consider beginning your search for next year’s accommodation between October and January. However, if you’d prefer to live in a studio apartment or purpose built student accommodation, you can begin your search a little later, in the summer term.

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