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Aisling Murphy

Research Analyst at StuRents

Aisling Murphy is a research analyst in StuRents’ research division, StuRents Intelligence.
Aisling is a tech-savvy data analyst, passionate about helping industry experts gain access to unbiased data, allowing them to make timely and justified decisions. With a first-class MEng degree in Engineering Mathematics from the University of Bristol, Aisling brings a strong academic background to her role as a research analyst.

Formerly with PwC, she now contributes her expertise to the team at StuRents, where she focuses on the Occupancy Survey, allowing investors and operators to understand location-specific booking velocity and providing them with all the tools they need to evaluate their position in the market. Aisling's commitment to providing timely insights ensures that investors and operators have the tools needed to assess their market position accurately.
Aisling Murphy - StuRents Author

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