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What is HullSTARS?

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HullSTARS is an independent student accommodation rating system, set up and run by Hull University Union. It has partnered with StuRents since 2015 to champion quality accommodation at the point of student house-hunting activity.

HullSTARS works with Hull's proactive landlords to improve the quality of student accommodation. Based on an in-depth audit covering quality, health and safety, green impact, documentation and welfare and community, each registered property is rated from 0-5 stars.

Properties which meet the minimum legal requirements for a shared house will achieve a 3* rating, with anything falling below requiring improvement. Properties with a 4 or 5* rating are reserved for the best accommodation; for landlords and agencies that go above and beyond to provide the best possible experience to Hull's students. Landlords are provided with feedback on how to improve their score and the quality of the housing they offer to their students and can choose to have a re-inspection should they wish.

HullSTARS doesn't rate landlords, simply because it's impossible to comment on a landlords conduct without actually living in their house, but this is where students come in. Students registered at the University of Hull can log into HullSTARS and leave anonymous reviews of their student houses, rating everything from the location to landlord. Student reviews are published on the HullSTARS site, meaning prospective tenants can make a much more informed decision when choosing their accommodation.

The HullSTARS events calendar provides students with opportunities to make the most of their accommodation throughout the academic year. Whether it's holding speed-friending events to help students meet great housemates, November's annual Housing Fair, or, helping students find replacement housemates using the StuRents Find Housemates Forum, there's always something going on!

The HullSTARS Awards take place each November, showcasing the Best Landlord or Managing Agent, the Safer Hull and the Value for Money awards. For details of our recent winners, please visit the HullSTARS website.

The Students' Union knows how stressful it can be to find the perfect term-time home, so HullSTARS is here to shine a light on student accommodation and empower students to find the best possible accommodation. For more information, visit