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Student Accommodation Research: Q1 Quarterly Reports now available!

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Q1 Quarterly Reports

Every quarter, the research team at StuRents compiles reports for 46 university cities and towns across the UK, plus a national report for the UK. With over 750,000 beds listed on our platform each year, we extract millions of data points and analyse these in-depth to develop insights and understand trends for each university city. This makes our data unique, comprehensive, and city-specific.

To access these reports, please get in touch with the research team.

StuRents' Quarters

Recently our Head of Research, Richard Ward, was joined by Brodie Berman, Senior Acquisitions Associate at Fusion Group, and TONG Partner & Client Services Director, Gabriel Nicklin. The three discuss key trends in the student accommodation sector and provide key student accommodation insights. Based on research from our quarterly reports and our unique, proprietary student accommodation data, they explore:

  • Demand growth per demographic, as revealed by this year's end-of-cycle statistics from UCAS. Read more.
  • Changing student search behaviour and the price points students have been considering. Read more.
  • Updates to market supply and the supply pipeline. Read more.
  • Booking velocity across key market locations. Read more.

A recording of the webinar is available to view here.

Poll Results

During the webinar, we asked our audience four questions:

  1. How have your expectations changed for 2024-25 rental growth since the start of the season?
  2.  Have you considered the 2.5% increase in maintenance loans when setting rents for 2024-25?
  3. Based on early booking trends, how do you see demand from China changing in 2024-25 compared to last year?
  4. Recent reports suggested there has been a decline in Indian students, what impact do you expect this to have on demand for PBSA?

Most of our audience are neutral leaning towards positive in terms of rental growth expectations for next season. Meanwhile, the responses regarding rents in relation to maintenance loans are a lot more evenly distributed.

Looking at the audience responses regarding international students, there is a lot of agreement that Chinese demand is falling rather than increasing. Over two-thirds of the audience also predict a small impact on PBSA demand will be caused by the declining Indian numbers.

The exact results of the poll questions are shown in the charts below.

Source: StuRents Limited

Source: StuRents Limited

Source: StuRents Limited

Source: StuRents Limited

To request any of our quarterly reports, please contact research@sturents.com.If you have a StuRents account, your Q1 quarterly reports will now be available to download from the reports section of the platform.


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