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5 things to do before leaving university for the holidays

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If you're heading home for the Easter holidays, it might mean that your student house will be left unattended for a few weeks. Before you set off, it's important to take a few small, quick steps to ensure your property is secure and will be a clean, welcoming, and safe environment to return to. 

1. Take out the rubbish 

No one wants to return home to the smell of three-week-old rubbish. Similarly, opening the fridge and finding nothing but the remnants of rotting vegetables or spoiled milk is not very pleasant. Make sure to clean out your fridge of any remaining food and empty the bins before you leave to avoid any nasty surprises upon your return to uni.

2. Wash your bedding 

What could be better than coming back to uni and finding your bed made and sheets freshly washed? Change your bedding before you leave to save yourself a job when you come back to a hectic new term. Plus, it means you won't be fighting your housemates for the washing machine when you all move back in!

3. Take your valuables with you

In an ideal world, you shouldn't leave any valuables in your student house over the holidays. If you can't take them with you, for whatever reason, try and leave valuables in a secure place out of sight to avoid becoming a target for break-ins.

4. Turn off the lights 

There's no need to rack up a high energy bill while no one is living in your property. If you're the last person to leave the house, make sure that you've turned off all the lights. You should also unplug any electrical appliances too. This will help you save money on energy costs, prevent hazards, and help the environment!

5. Lock your doors and windows 

Unfortunately, student burglaries are not uncommon over the university break. It might seem obvious, but when you leave for the holidays, double-check that you've properly locked all your doors and windows. You should also set your burglar alarm so you can be alerted if there are any issues while you're away.

Are you ready to leave university for the holidays?

If you follow these five tips, you should feel confident that your student house will be safe, secure, and clean when you come back to uni for the summer term.

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