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A Property Managers’ Guide to Clearing

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Clearing is right around the corner, bringing with it an influx of new potential student tenants. Are you prepared to market your properties to students looking for late-season accommodation? 

To help you prepare, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about Clearing as a property manager. 

What is Clearing?

Clearing is a way for university students to secure a place at university if they:

  • Didn’t receive any offers to study at university
  • Didn’t get the grades for their firm or insurance choices 
  • No longer what to attend their firm choice university 
  • Apply for university after 30 June 

Clearing allows universities to fill any remaining empty spaces they have on their courses. 

When is Clearing 2024?

Clearing opens on 5 July 2024 and closes on 21 October. Most students going through Clearing won’t be eligible to do so until they receive their A-Level results on 15 August 2024. Following this, you should expect to see enquiries come in for your remaining rooms. 

When will students start looking for accommodation?

Students will typically start looking for accommodation as soon as they have secured their university place through Clearing, so this could be any time from 5 July. There is likely to be a larger influx of students looking for rooms after A-Level Results Day on 15 August, so make sure you are prepared for this. 

While university halls will retain some spaces for students who have gone through Clearing, there are many reasons why students might look off-campus for accommodation. There might not be available rooms in halls, or they might prefer to live in private halls or shared housing due to location, particular amenities, or other a desire to live with certain friends.

How to prepare for Clearing as a property manager

Update your listings 

Before Clearing opens, make sure that your listings are optimised and updated to show off your properties in the best possible light. A few simple changes can make a big difference when it comes to marketing your properties. Take quality, high-resolution photographs, update your descriptions to include key information and highlight any specific facilities or amenities you offer, and attach any relevant certifications, like your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and gas safety certificate. 

Get properties ready for viewings 

If you currently have tenants staying in the rooms you’re listing for the next academic cycle, you need to alert them in advance that viewings will be taking place. It’s a legal requirement that you provide at least 24 hours' notice before carrying out a viewing.

If the previous tenants have already vacated the rooms, then make sure that your rooms look clean and presentable and that you’ve carried out any relevant maintenance work in good time. 

Update availabilities 

Ensure that your availabilities are up to date and accurate before Clearing so students can easily book viewings with you, or even book your rooms directly from the listing using Concurrent’s Book Now.

Concurrent makes it easy for you to manage and update your listings. Simply go to your Appointments dashboard and you can either create or manage new availabilities. 

If you are arranging appointments for multiple students, you can set up an availability slot. This allows students to book an appointment with you at the times you're free, saving you time as you don’t have to set up each appointment individually. 

In your Appointments dashboard, you can also customise what kind of appointments can be booked and when, define how many appointments your schedule allows, and assign specific availability slots to individual team members, making the appointments process more streamlined and efficient. 

To find out more about how Concurrent could help you get ready for Clearing by booking a demo today.


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