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Frenchay Common


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Frenchay Common


White Lion


Frenchay Village Museum


Hillside Sports Gardens




About student living in Frenchay


Frenchay is on the outskirts of Bristol but it is still very well-connected. Student accommodation in Frenchay, Bristol is close to the University of the West of England. You can walk there in half an hour or get there on public transport in fifteen minutes. UWE even has a Frenchay campus.


Student houses in Frenchay are surrounded by open green spaces. Take a stroll around the scenic Frenchay Moor, a local nature reserve. Or you can relax with friends or play some sport on Frenchay Common. You can also walk around Frenchay Duck Pond and look at the local wildlife.

Food and Drink

Although Frenchay is quite a quiet area, there are still plenty of pubs, restaurants, and cafes to enjoy. Head to White Lion or The Sandringham for a relaxed drink with friends in a friendly pub atmosphere, or tuck into some traditional British grub at The Harvester. You can also grab a coffee at one of the many cafes on the UWE campus, close to Frenchay student houses.


Although located in a quieter student area, there is still plenty to do close to student accommodation in Frenchay, Bristol. Explore the local history at the Frenchay Village Museum or get stuck into some sports at the UWE Hillside Sports Garden. The UWE Students’ Union is also in Frenchay, so you can get involved in all the activities it puts on.


Frenchay might not be the best place for an extravagant shopping spree, but there are still lots of convenience stores and small supermarkets close to Frenchay student accommodation. This includes a SPAR and a Nisa Local.

Student Housing

The wide range of student accommodation Frenchay has to offer means there is something for everyone. There are student lets in Frenchay to suit every taste and budget, from shared houses to purpose-built apartments. Have a browse of our student housing in Frenchay and find your next home, today.

FAQs about student accommodation in Frenchay

Is Frenchay a student area?

Frenchay is a popular student area, located close to UWE. As a result, there is lots of student accommodation in Frenchay.

What is Frenchay, Bristol, like?

Frenchay is a quiet but idyllic area on the outskirts of Bristol. While it might not be the most buzzy area, there are still lots of shops, restaurants, pubs, and cafes to enjoy. Frenchay student houses are also very well-positioned for UWE students.

What part of Bristol is Frenchay in?

Frenchay is on the outskirts of Bristol, to the north-east of the city centre.

Does UWE provide accommodation?

UWE manages four halls of residence on their campuses, and partners with external partners to offer more accommodation across the city. Students will generally live in these halls in their first year, before moving into private student houses in Frenchay and the surrounding areas for the rest of their time at university.

Is the UWE Frenchay campus close to the city centre?

The UWE Frenchay campus is about 7 kilometres from Bristol city centre. You can drive to the city centre from the campus in under twenty-five minutes or get there in forty-five minutes on public transport.

Where do students live in Bristol?

There isn’t one specific area where students choose to live while studying in Bristol, as they are spread across different areas in the city. However, students tend to stay in student accommodation in Frenchay, Bristol city centre, Clifton, Filton, Fishponds, Redland, and Stoke Park.

Are bills included in the cost?

Many student houses in Frenchay are now advertised with bills included in the price. Where this is the case, your rental price could include electricity, gas, internet, TV licence and water bills and this is clearly stated on the listing. Properties without bills included are also available, giving you the flexibility to choose your own energy and water suppliers and internet service provider.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

It is normal for property managers to require you to pay a security deposit at the time of booking or before you move in. Where a deposit is required and you are signing a tenancy agreement, your property manager must protect your deposit in a legally recognised tenancy deposit scheme. As long as you look after the property and have no deductions for damage or unpaid rent, your deposit will be returned to you after your tenancy agreement ends. Whilst tenancy deposits are legally capped at five weeks' rent per person, it is more common for student deposits to be in the lower £100-250 range.

How long does a tenancy agreement last for?

The majority of student accommodation in Frenchay can be rented for fixed contract lengths. For purpose built student accommodation, 43 and 51-week fixed-term contracts are the most common. For shared houses, 52-week contracts are the most common and generally start in July to September.

Do you offer student accommodation for short-term stays?

Short-term student rentals in Frenchay are becoming more popular every year. As a result, property managers are increasingly offering shorter tenancy lengths, whether for the summer period or for individual semesters and terms. This is more common in the purpose-built student accommodation sector than in shared student rental houses across Bristol.

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