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Student Houses in Cambridge

The scenic city of Cambridge is home to two universities and has a population of 123,000, many of them students.

University of Cambridge

Regarded as one of the world's leading educational institutions, the University of Cambridge was founded in 1209, making it the world's third oldest university. The university's 31 colleges and 100+ academic departments are spread throughout the city, and vary hugely in age, appearance and history. The university is also home to the Cambridge University Press, the world's oldest publishing house.

Anglia Ruskin University

The university was founded in 1992, but has its roots in the Cambridge School of Art, founded in 1858. Whilst it lacks the long and prestigious history of the University of Cambridge it is hugely up and coming, and was recently named one of the most upwardly mobile universities in the world.

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We list a wide range of PBSAs, house shares and flats across the city including the city centre and Petersfield.