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Student Accommodation in Dublin

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    Dublin student housing news

    Student Accommodation in Dublin

    Search a wide selection of houses, flats and halls in Ireland's capital on StuRents.

    Trinity College, Dublin/University of Dublin

    Trinity College is the only constituent college of the University of Dublin, Ireland's oldest university. The college was founded in 1592, but unlike many other medieval universities, no other colleges were subsequently created, meaning that the college and the university are somewhat synonymous.

    At the time of building, the college lay outside of the city walls, but it is now surrounded by the sprawling capital, and lies opposite the Irish Houses of Parliament.

    University College Dublin

    University College Dublin is the largest university in Ireland with a student body of over 32,000 undergraduates and postgraduates. Founded in 1854 and chartered in 1908, the university now forms a constituent part of the 'National University of Ireland, Dublin'.

    The university was originally spread out across the city, but relocated to a 330-acre campus four kilometres south in the town of Belfield.

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    As the two universities are situated quite far from one another, student accommodation in the city is spread across several different areas and neighbourhoods.
    StuRents lists property in Ballsbridge, Rathmines, Millton, Booterstown, Temple Bar and Harold's Cross.

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