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High Wycombe student housing news

Student Accommodation in High Wycombe

With a number of properties to choose from in the bustling town of High Wycombe, StuRents aims to help you find your next student home.

Buckinghamshire New University

The university is spread across two campuses in the rural county of Buckinghamshire; one is located in the county's largest town, High Wycombe, and the second is based in Uxbridge. The latter is the university's main site for nursing students and healthcare research and has in fact been ranked number one by the NHS for education provision in Child Nursing, second for Adult Nursing and third for Mental Health Nursing. Sports is an integral part of campus life and offers around 30 different activities at a competitive level without charge. The university also provides a Big Deal student support package that covers all areas of costs including kit, transport to and from matches and match fees.


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