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Poole student housing news

Student Accommodation in Poole

Sat on the south coast of England, Poole is a large town and seaport that has become a popular tourist destination. The borough of Poole is home to almost 150,000 people including thousands of students.


UoB has a large campus in Poole. The university as a whole educates over 16,000 students, including over 1,500 international students. The city itself is a popular tourist destination, particularly because of its coastal location and vibrant feel. The university has a reputation for its focus on professional courses and is particularly recognised for its work in the field of media.

The Local Area

Areas such as Wallisdown, Branksome, Hamworthy, and Parkstone are all home to student houses and flats. If you already have in mind a specific location then use our advanced search to narrow it down further to a particular road! Poole isn't that large though, so as long as you keep to the student areas it should be self-evident where the best student experiences can be found.