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Student Accommodation in Wolverhampton

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    Wolverhampton student housing news

    Student Accommodation in Wolverhampton

    Wolverhampton is a city in the West Midlands. After starting life as a modest industrial town Wolverhampton's fortunes sky-rocketed during the industrial revolution where it became a major industrial centre, alongside its much larger neighbour, Birmingham.

    University of Wolverhampton

    Wolverhampton educates approximately 23,000 students on four campuses spread across the West Midlands. The main campus lies in right in the metropolitan heart of Wolverhampton city centre offering an animated and lively feel to life on campus. The campus is divided into North and South and home to several academic faculties, the Student's Union and it also homes over 1000 students who are spread across three halls of residence. In 2003, the university opened their £26 million Millennium City Building, which boasts 10,000 square metres of teaching space, an exhibition gallery, a restaurant and plenty more.

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    If you are unsure where to begin your search, students often find accommodation in the area of Whitemore Reans.