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Enjoy a new era of rental freedom

Deposit Alternative is a faster way to move house and spend your money on the things you really love.

No deposit, no problem

Deposit Alternative allows you to rent your next house without paying an expensive upfront security deposit, and without keeping the money tied up. Looking for your next move is easier than ever, by paying one small fee before moving - valued at up to one week’s rent for houses over £135 per week or £99 for houses below £135 per week.

A modern approach to rental deposits.

A modern approach to rental deposits


Deposits are expensive. Tenants spend an average of 5 weeks rent on deposits, creating a financial limbo that isn’t always affordable.


We believe that security shouldn’t mean financial sacrifice, and punctuality and good conduct can, and should, be rewarded.


Features for a better rental experience


Lower upfront costs

Pay a one-off fee that is equal to one week of rent. That’s up to 80% less than the standard!

Treat yourself

Get access to offers from over 1,000 leading retailers - so you can continue to save

Virtual UK-based GP

Book an appointment with a doctor in minutes,conveniently from your mobile

Free support

Our free support and guidance will help you navigate any rental, financial or personal hurdle

Your check-in process

How does Deposit Alternative work?

Your check-in process

  • 1

    Your landlord can choose to offer you Deposit Alternative during the contract creation stage

  • 2

    If you decide to choose Deposit Alternative, you will pay a one-time £99 fee if your weekly rent is £135 or lower, or equivalent to 1 week’s rent if it’s higher.

  • 3

    Your Property Manager will then create an inventory and Check-in Report on the property condition, and complete reference checks, all of which are essential for a smooth check-out experience

Your check-out process

Your check-out process

  • 1

    At the end of the tenancy, the Property Manager will conduct the Check-out Report, identifying any changes in the condition of the property

  • 2

    Upon assessment of the Check-out Report, any disputes which have arisen will be resolved quickly and fairly by Ome’s Resolution Team


Considerations for Tenants

Unpaid rent

Any money you owe must be settled when you leave the property



You are responsible any for damage you cause during your tenancy


Other tenancy terms

You must honour any other agreements in your tenancy


Ready to get started?

Deposit Alternative is offered by StuRents in partnership with deposit experts Ome who have over 14 years of experience.

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Tenant FAQs

How much does it cost?

Deposit Alternative is priced based on the weekly rent per person price, this which makes it a fair option for tenants renting cheaper or more expensive properties on the market.Tenancies where the weekly rent is under £135 per person per week, the Deposit Alternative costs £99

Tenancies where the weekly rent is over £135 per week, the product costs 1 week's rent.

We calculate the weekly rent figure as an average of the total rent for the tenancy to make it easier for the cover to protect you in shared areas such as kitchens, hallways, bathrooms and gardens. Say you had a bigger room so your weekly rent was slightly more expensive at £140 pw, and your other 3 housemates rent was £90 pw (£410 pppw total) then the cost would be £102.50 per person.

This is a non-refundable fee.

How can I get access to my product benefits?

Once your tenancy has started you’ll get access to all of your benefits. In your account you’ll see instructions of how to use them.

If you’ve already signed a tenancy using Deposit Alternative, go to your Contracts page to access your benefits.

Once my tenancy has ended, what happens to the money I paid?

The cost of Deposit Alternative is a one-off, non-refundable fee. This covers the insurance provided under the terms & conditions of the product and will not be returned to you when your tenancy ends.

Can I move out of my property if I purchased Deposit Alternative?

If you secured your tenancy by purchasing Deposit Alternative, your tenancy has already started and you wish to move out, the fee you originally paid will be lost. This is the same as if your tenancy were to end.