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Guide to Student Accommodation in Sheffield

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So, you’ve chosen to study in Sheffield. Great choice! But what comes next? You need to choose somewhere to live. 

With two major universities in the city, Sheffield has an expansive student accommodation scene. You’d need one to house more than 60,000 students! There's all sorts of housing available, from university-owned halls to flashy private studios to shared student houses. 

All that choice can make things a bit overwhelming. To help you decide where’s best for you to live, we’re breaking down all things student accommodation in Sheffield, including the different types of properties available, when to start looking, how much you should spend, and the best areas to search. 

Types of accommodation in Sheffield 

University-owned halls 

Generally, in the first year of university, most students will choose to live in halls of residence provided by their uni. You’ll have the advantage of living closely with other students in your exact situation. There are lots of different accommodation types in halls, from self-contained studios to shared flats. You’ll be able to submit preferences, such as the location of your halls, whether you’d like an ensuite or a shared bathroom, and if you’d prefer to live in catered or self-catered halls. Whether or not you’re able to have your preferences met does depend heavily on your budget and how early you select your accommodation.  

Purpose built student accommodation

As you might imagine from the name, purpose built student accommodation (PBSA) is housing built specifically for students just like you. PBSA can range from privately-owned halls containing shared flats and facilities to self-contained studios. Depending on the purpose built student accommodation in Sheffield you choose, you could have access to facilities like a private gym, games rooms, common spaces for hang outs, and events put on by your accommodation provider.

Shared housing 

Shared houses are extremely popular with students in Sheffield. This living arrangement is a great way to keep costs fairly low while living with a group of friends of your choosing. Usually, you will be responsible for finding and organising this housing yourself, without your university’s help. You’ll enter into a private tenancy agreement with a private landlord or property management company and pay rent directly to them.

When to start looking for student accommodation in Sheffield 

Unfortunately, as you might have seen in the news, the student property market has become more competitive. In Sheffield, as in other cities, it’s a good idea to start looking for housing as early as possible in the academic year. 

According to StuRents research, most students look for shared houses in November or December, so if you wait until much later in the year, you might find that a lot of your options have already been snapped up. However, if you would prefer to live in PBSA or a studio, you can afford to start looking a bit later in the academic year.

If you’re going into halls, when you should apply for accommodation depends on the offer you hold. If you’ve firmed your choice at one of the universities in Sheffield, you can usually apply for housing as soon as you have the offer, as long as your accommodation portal is open. Typically, this takes place sometime between March and July. 

If you’re applying to universities in Sheffield through Clearing, you won’t be able to apply for accommodation until your place has been confirmed. Once you know that you’ll be attending, you should try and sort out your accommodation as soon as possible. 

How much is student accommodation in Sheffield?

Currently, the cost of shared houses in Sheffield sits at an average of £105.23 per person, per week (pppw) without bills included or £106.55 pppw including bills. PBSA tends to be more expensive, with the average accommodation costing £138.57 pppw without wills or £152.38 pppw with bills. How expensive your accommodation will be depends on factors like the location you choose, and if you opt for particular facilities or amenities. 

Halls at Sheffield Hallam University cost between £91 pppw and £191 pppw, while rooms at the University of Sheffield are slightly more expensive on average, costing between £130 pppw and £209 pppw.

For a full breakdown of the cost of living in Sheffield as a student, check out our blog.

How close to university is student accommodation in Sheffield?

As previously mentioned, Sheffield is home to a lot of students. That means there are lots of student homes in Sheffield across the city and lots of different areas to choose from.

If you want to be close to the University of Sheffield, you should look at Sheffield student houses in locations like Broomhall, Broomhill, Crookesmoor and Ecclesall Road. If you’re studying at Sheffield Hallam and would like to live nearby, student properties in Sheffield city centre might be a better bet. 

Where to find the best student accommodation in Sheffield

Searching for the perfect student digs in Sheffield can certainly be a challenge. Searching on StuRents can make things easier. As the UK’s leading student accommodation platform, we list all types of properties across Sheffield. 

Use our filters to narrow down your search by the factors that matter to you most, be it location, property type, number of rooms, or energy efficiency, and find your perfect home today.


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