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Student Houses in Sheffield

Sheffield a big city, so it's lucky that we've got a selection of student properties to match. Wherever you want to live, search with us and we're sure you'll find to house or flat for you.

University of Sheffield

With over 26,000 students, Sheffield University can be a daunting large place. Yet, it is renowned for being friendly and the city itself (whilst the 4th largest in the UK) is remarkably green with trees and shrubbery weaving throughout the urban space. With notable course flexibility and emphasis on study abroad, the University of Sheffield provides students with a well-rounded and interdisciplinary university experience, with many of its courses ranked in the top 10 for research. The campus itself is located West of the city centre and is accessed easily via train, bus or car.

Sheffield Hallam University

Located in the heart of the city, Sheffield Hallam is regarded as one of the largest modern universities in the UK. It is made up of two main campuses that are within easy walking distance of each other. Offering over 30,000 students a wide range of flexible courses both full-time and part-time, the university further boasts an array of facilities including an award-winning £27m new Heart of the Campus building that was opened just last Autumn in 2014.


Popular among students with a dense selection of accommodation options spanning halls and houses, Broomhall is well situated and well suited for students. It takes its name from Broom Hall which was built in the 1500s and still stands today.


Arguably the most student focused area of the city, Broomhill has pubs, bars, shops and culture to spare. Housing available in the area includes old back-to-backs and larger Victorian terraces, many of them inhabited by students.


Crookes is also popular among students and lies in the west of the city with great transport links meaning no university campus is ever that far away. It's a particularly good area for lovers of sport with a diverse range of facilities on offer and easy access to the Bole Hills.


Set on a hill in the south of Sheffield, Meersbrook provides spectacular views across the city and in recent times has become an out-of-town shopping mecca among the residents of the city.

Nether Edge

About a 15 minute walk away from the centre, Nether Edge lies in the southwest of the city and owing to its history is composed mostly of large, tree lined streets with equally large, stone Victorian properties either side. Accommodation in this area provides easy access to many of the great restaurants in the area and its wide range of shops should cater to a student's every need.

Local Sheffield

It can be a difficult process searching for the right area to live in in a new city. For Sheffield why not start searching in popular student living areas such as Broomhill, Broomhall and Crookes.