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Student Accommodation in Bangor

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    Bangor student housing news

    Student Accommodation in Bangor

    Bangor is the home of Bangor University and lies in North West Wales. It is also one of the smallest cities in the UK and is steeped in Welsh culture.

    Bangor University

    Located in the city of Bangor, the University sits between Snowdonia and the sea in the north of Wales. It is a popular student destination for those who love the outdoors. Rock climbing, mountain biking, canoeing and surfing are just some of the sports available in Bangor and the university prides itself on a well developed sports department with over 50 teams and clubs to choose from. A recent investment of £35m onto the main accommodation site has allowed for a number of new halls and ensuite rooms to be made available. A further development of 600 new rooms opened in 2015, including a wide range of housing such as studio apartments and townhouses.

    Local Search

    Popular student areas for living include Upper bangor, Gwynedd and the Ffriddoedd site. If you know a particular area you would like to live in then utilise our advanced search to narrow down your selection.