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University of Bristol

Bristol itself is a vibrant, cultural and historic city full of leisure activities for young people and was recently voted one of the UK's Five Centres of Cultural Excellence. The University of Bristol is situated in the heart of the city centre and enjoys a great reputation. Underpinning this is its highly ranked (top 5) position in the UK for its research (according to the latest Research Excellence Framework study). In addition, £200m is to be invested before 2016 on developing campus facilities for students.

University of the West of England

UWE is located on the outskirts of the city with three main campuses: Frenchay, Glenside and Bower Ashton. With 27,000 students it is the largest university in Bristol and has more than 600 courses to choose from. Importantly, the university has a strong focus on employability with 95.5% of graduates finding employment within their first 6 months. With an array of impressive facilities UWE will also be spending £220m on infrastructure and facilities before 2020 in order to improve the experience of it's students - including large investments in student accommodation.


You'll find some of Bristol's higher-end student accommodation in Clifton and all properties are only a short walk from the University of Bristol so it makes for a great option if you're studying there. Due to the age of the area there isn't a lot of room devoted for parking, but its age also makes it one of the most historically rich and beautiful suburbs in the city.


The main campus of the University of the West of England is situated in Frenchay, a suburb in the north east of Bristol. Whilst relatively far from the centre of the city the area (especially the campus) is rather self contained, but with great public transport links to the centre of the city getting around shouldn't be a worry. Housing in the area is obviously cheaper than in more central locations, so Frenchay offers a good set of alternative accommodation options to students studying at UWE.

Gloucester Road

Gloucester Road is a busy street running from Frenchay to the heart of Bristol. It is a real focal point for trade in the city and offers some great options for eating and shopping and well as its fair share of bars and pubs. It also offers great public transport links between student hubs and has also become a focus in recent years among artists in the city. It is also home of a popular annual street party every Christmas.


Another affluent suburb of the city, Redland is popular among students (particularly second and third year undergraduates) from both universities. It is a heavily residential area but the city centre and other nightlife is never far away.

Search Local in Bristol

When searching for a property in Bristol, why not begin hunting in Redlands and Clifton – two very popular students areas. Although do bear in mind that Clifton is slightly pricier for students.