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Student Accommodation in Carlisle

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    Carlisle student housing news

    Student Accommodation in Carlisle

    Carlisle is Cumbria's largest city and is nicknamed The Great Border City due to its proximity to Scotland. Carlisle started as a Roman settlement so its history stretches back for thousands of years. We hope that amongst our selection of houses and flats you'll find something you like.

    University of Cumbria

    Primarily based in Carlisle, the University of Cumbria is one of the newest universities in the UK and operates across a number of campuses. The college educates approximately 10,000 students across a range of courses such as healthcare, education, criminology and performing arts. Carlisle, the capital of Cumbria, is an historic city in the west of England and is home to the great Lakes, offering students a great blend of beautiful, countryside scenery and vibrant city living.

    Search Local in Carlisle

    Being a large city, Carlisle can be a daunting place to locate the right student property. Areas to begin your search may well be Caldewgate, Denton holme and Stanwix as they are home to a large amount of students.