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Student Accommodation in Reading

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    Student Accommodation in Reading

    Reading itself is packed with culture and entertainment and is just a 20 minute train journey from the capital. Finding the right place in any city can be difficult, however StuRents aims to make the process as easy as possible and Reading is no exception.

    University of Reading

    The University of Reading is a campus-based institution with three main sites in, and around, the town centre. It offers a perfect blend between countryside and city life that is within walking distance from campus. Buses between the three campuses and town run every five minutes around the clock. The university is classified as being in the top 1% globally for research and offers over 200 programmes to students.

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    If you already have a particular area in mind then use our advanced search. However, if you are unsure where to begin, Earley and Woodley are popular student destinations.

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