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Middlesbrough student housing news

Student Accommodation in Middlesbrough

Located in the north of Yorkshire, near the coast of England, Middlesbrough has plenty to offer in every aspect. When searching for the right accommodation please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

Teesside University

With nearly 22,000 students Teesside University has two main campuses, one that sits in the heart of Middlesbrough and the other in Darlington. With the main campus embedded within the city centre, pretty much everything is within walking distance. Middlesbrough itself offers students a lively and vibrant place to live with plenty of shops, bars and culture. The university provides students with numerous courses to choose from covering a variety of disciplines, from animation and computer games to forensic science and criminology. Over the past few years Teesside has invested a quarter of a billion pounds into campus developments including a new five-story teaching building and a newly refurbished Student’s Union and library.

Search Local in Middlesbrough lists hundreds of properties for you to choose from that are located either side of the main campus in Middlesbrough, which is also right in the city centre.


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