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Universities close to St Davids


Exeter St Davids Station


The Exeter Brewery


Bury Meadow Park


Exeter Central Station


University of Exeter


Exeter St Davids Station


The Exeter Brewery


Bury Meadow Park


Exeter Central Station


University of Exeter


About student living in St Davids


St Davids is a small area located in between the University of Exeter and the city centre. You can walk from St Davids student accommodation to the University of Exeter or Exeter city centre in fifteen minutes or less. A bus route also runs directly to the university. As St Davids has its own train station it’s also easy to get around the wider city or pop home for the weekend.


There is quite a lot of green space close to student accommodation in St Davids. Bury Meadow Park is a great place to go for a relaxing, picturesque walk or to hang out with friends. You can also walk a little further to explore Hoopern Valley.

Food and Drink

There are plenty of pubs, restaurants, and cafes to choose from near student houses in St Davids. You can grab a drink at The Imperial, The Farmers Union, or the Exeter Brewery. Enjoy a Chinese takeaway from Hong Wong or savour a coffee and a cake from The Exploding Bakery Cafe.


Although St Davids is a small area of Exeter, there is still lots to get stuck into. Ewick Sports Hub is close to St Davids student accommodation. You can use the playing fields and get stuck into sporting activities including football, hockey, and cricket. You can also venture to the Bill Douglas Cinema Museum to explore the history of film and motion picture.


There aren’t too many options for a shopping spree close to student houses in St Davids. You can pick up any essentials from the local Londis. For more varied options, you head into Exeter city centre where there are a wide range of high street and independent shops to choose from.

Student Housing

The wide range of student accommodation St Davids has to offer means there is something for everyone. There are student lets in St Davids to suit every taste and budget, from shared houses to purpose-built apartments. Have a browse of our student housing in St Davids and find your next home, today.

FAQs about student accommodation in St Davids

Is St Davids a student area?

St Davids is a popular student area as it is so conveniently located, right in between the city centre and the University of Exeter. Exeter St Davids student accommodation is in high demand.

How far is St Davids from Exeter city centre?

St Davids is just over a kilometre from Exeter city centre. You can walk there in fifteen minutes.

Where is St Davids in Exeter?

St Davids is located between Exeter city centre and the University of Exeter, close to St James.

Is St Davids a nice area to live in?

St Davids is a great area to live as it has lots of pubs to enjoy, convenient transport links, and a great location. Exeter St Davids student accommodation is ideal for students at the University of Exeter.

Where do students live in Exeter?

Students don’t only live in one area in Exeter. They live all across the city depending on their accommodation preferences and budgets. However, typically, students will live in student houses in St Davids, Mount Pleasant, Heavitree, Exeter city centre, St James, and St Leonards.

Does the University of Exeter provide accommodation?

The University of Exeter has several halls of residence. Generally, students will live in these halls in their first year before moving into private student accommodation in St Davids and the surrounding areas for the rest of their time at university.

Are bills included in the cost?

Many student houses in St Davids are now advertised with bills included in the price. Where this is the case, your rental price could include electricity, gas, internet, TV licence and water bills and this is clearly stated on the listing. Properties without bills included are also available, giving you the flexibility to choose your own energy and water suppliers and internet service provider.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

It is normal for property managers to require you to pay a security deposit at the time of booking or before you move in. Where a deposit is required and you are signing a tenancy agreement, your property manager must protect your deposit in a legally recognised tenancy deposit scheme. As long as you look after the property and have no deductions for damage or unpaid rent, your deposit will be returned to you after your tenancy agreement ends. Whilst tenancy deposits are legally capped at five weeks' rent per person, it is more common for student deposits to be in the lower £100-250 range.

How long does a tenancy agreement last for?

The majority of student accommodation in St Davids can be rented for fixed contract lengths. For purpose built student accommodation, 43 and 51-week fixed-term contracts are the most common. For shared houses, 52-week contracts are the most common and generally start in July to September.

Do you offer student accommodation for short-term stays?

Short-term student rentals in St Davids are becoming more popular every year. As a result, property managers are increasingly offering shorter tenancy lengths, whether for the summer period or for individual semesters and terms. This is more common in the purpose-built student accommodation sector than in shared student rental houses across Exeter.

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